producer of quality canned fish and reliable partner
About us

Central Fish is a Ukrainian producer of canned products which was established in 1998. Since then our company has been known for producing high quality products exceeding consumers’ expectations and it remains dedicated to maintaining the high standards keeping us at the forefront of the industry in Ukraine.

Our vast experience and dedication to canned fish manufacturing together with the full technological cycle capability allow us to produce high quality products that are delicious and reasonably priced at the same time.


Product Range

Sprats' line: canned sprats and hand packed fish 

Tomato line: natural, blanched and roasted fish in tomato sauce 

Oil line: natural, blanched and roasted fish in oil

Our products are made from high quality wild sea fish coming from the Atlantic Ocean, Baltic Sea and Black Sea, as well as freshwater fish farmed by Ukrainian fisheries.

Majority of our products are meticulously hand packed by our employees preserving proper shape of fish and, thus, extraordinary quality. 

No compromises

We pride ourselves in the uncompromised quality of our products, which is one of the pillars our company is based on.


Quality of raw materials we use for production and end products is assessed by our in-house laboratory.

Full compliance with food safety and quality standarts

Our food safety management system concerning meets all requirements of ISO 22000. Furthermore, our quality management system complies with ISO 9001:2015.


Our company is a member of Quality Consortium of Retailers which encompasses the majority of retailers in Ukraine on the issues of food quality and safety. The Consortium annually audits our company and its reports are accepted by all of its members.



Central Fish is one of Ukraine’s largest producers of canned products supplying products for sale under its own brand or under customers'  private labels.

Production under private label brings, inter alia, the following advantages:

- offering lower prices and better value to end-consumers;

- differentiation between retailers and building loyalty of end-consumers;

- maintaining higher control over production, marketing, distribution and profits; 

Not only can we offer you a wide product range, but we can also elaborate an entirely new product for sale by your business only. 




Export Department 

 Т: +38 095 115 73 35 

 E: vlasenko@centralfish.com.ua

А: Khomenka street 19, Cherkasy, Ukraine, 18008

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